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right to work

Local 740 members,

Please see the following message form the Maine AFL-CIO.  Take the two minutes to send your oppositon to your political leaders to all the Right to Work Bills.

Brothers and Sisters-

It's coming-- the floor fights in the State House and Senate over the so-called Right to Work bills and the other attempts to weaken our collective bargaining rights will start next week.

Please take action today by clicking here to send an email to your State Rep and State Senator asking them to stand on the side of Maine working people and oppose these bills.


It just takes a minute, and if we all do it we can keep the pressure on them to do what's right.

Click here to send a message: Protect workers' rights and defeat these bills

Thank you for taking action. Together, we can make a difference.

In solidarity,

Matt and the Maine AFL-CIO

PS We'll be in the State House monitoring these bills until they are defeated. Don't hesitate to call or email if you have a question or feedback or you want to join us next week to be in the halls for the votes. The best way you can help is to click here and send an email to your Elected Officials so they know where you stand.