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October YOGA
with Bobbi Jo

Hello everyone! Try something new... come take a yoga class before or after your shift. This is such a great way to start the day whether you're just coming in for duty or leaving work behind and returning to your family. The benefits are endless and classes are open to anyone on the department no matter how flexible or in shape you are. Everyone can do yoga and you can make it as hard as you wish. The style of yoga is Vinyasa Flow- Linking breath with movement to cultivate greater self presence and body awareness leading to a Healthier and Happier You. This is completely FREE and open to ALL Fire Department personnel. All you have to do is show up.
PLENTY of mats/blocks/straps have been donated for use.
BENEFITS are endless, here are a few: lowers your BP, increases your energy, boosts your immune system, helps you sleep better and longer, strengthens and lengthens your muscles, builds self confidence, increases your lung capacity, and Yoga changes the way you respond to stress.
Still need motivation?.... Captain Pat Brown was a legend in the FDNY and also a Yogi, who, along with his men of Ladder 3, died in the North Tower on 9/11, refusing to abandon a large group of severely injured people. Here he shares how yoga helped him with the stress of being a firefighter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1z8N1Kr6BU

Hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the nice fall weather. With the holidays and cooler weather approaching, now is a great time to ignite some inner heat while increasing your strength and stability. Yoga and mindfulness are great ways of keeping a positive attitude as summer winds down here in Maine. All department members are welcome to join. The classes are all FREE and here for you to enjoy and benefit from. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


October Yoga classes at Bramhall:


6th     8-9

8th     6-7 & 8-9

11th   6-7

14th   8-9

16th   6-7 & 8-9

19th   6-7

22nd  8-9

23rd  6-7 & 8-9

27th  6-7

30th  8-9


Please continue to notify me the night before you plan on attending (207)380-5510 or email.


Thanks and see you on your mat,


Bobbi jo Barden